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Enemies to Lovers Books

What are the enemies to lovers books? The Enemy of Lovers is when two characters start out as enemies and end up in a romantic relationship over the course of a book or series. These "enemies" have to overcome their differences or misunderstandings between them and fall in love.

The length of your trope depends on your goals, your action, and the structure of the relationship. I have seen this game in one or four books.

What are they?

Best Enemies to Lovers Books

If the story continues and the characters are suspicious of each other, put them in situations where they can build trust. Maybe one of them will save the other's life and the other will return the favor later. Maybe they are camping at night and one announces that he is afraid of the dark, so the other makes a bigger fire. Those little moments of give and take and vulnerability begin to sow the seeds of trust.

Enemies to Lovers Books 2021

Start with why the characters are enemies. Define what trips them up and you can even show readers on the page. If he's a mercenary hired to find a fugitive, let's see him in action.

Enemies to Lovers Books 2022

Then check off the reason you join. Often times, these "enemies" find that they have to work together to achieve something. In science fiction and fantasy, most of what I do, the characters have to search together.

Enemies to Lovers Books

Regardless, if you are writing a love bow for enemies, there will be certain points in the narrative that will build that relationship.

You also want to highlight any physical attractions early on. That can be incredibly subtle. Perhaps one character noticed dimples and the other noticed. Perhaps one of them will notice that the other has very shiny hair. It can also be more open, but subtle can be fun.

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